Generac Power Systems Humidifier 5621 User Manual

Miscellaneous Accessory Kits  
Air-Cooled Generator Sets  
Model 5621  
Model 5666  
Auxiliary Transfer Switch  
Contact Kit  
Fascia Base Wrap Kit  
The auxiliary transfer switch contact kit allows a single large electrical  
load to be locked out from generator operation. If a home is equipped  
with electrical heat or multiple central air conditioning units, this  
device allows the generator transfer switch to interrupt the control  
wire, breaking the signal needed for the appliance to turn on.  
The fascia base wrap snaps together around the bottom the new air  
cooled generators. This offers a sleek, contoured appearance as well  
as offering protection from rodents and insects by covering the lifting  
holes located in the base.  
Please note that this wrap only fits air-cooled generators  
manufactured after 4/2008 that have the contoured body wrap  
style and are only available in grey.  
Once installed, the control wire must be run from the appliance to  
the transfer switch to connect to the contact.  
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